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Charged Future is an electric vehicle (EV) charging consultant for businesses. We’ll help you achieve your EV charging goals.

What do we do?

EV Charging Rebate Application Submission

Currently, there are millions of dollars of incentives for EV charging station installations. We’ll take the lead in searching for these rebate programs and completing the applications. In many cases, these rebates can cover 50-100% of the total project cost!

EV Charging Project Management

Getting electric vehicle (EV) charging installed can be challenging, especially if you are new to EVs. Work with a professional who knows where the pitfalls are. We’ll coordinate everything from planning and design to permitting and installation. 

EV Charging Feasibility Study

Interested in getting EV charging stations installed at your business, but unsure it will be a good fit? We’ll put together a feasibility study to determine estimated costs and scope of work. 

Attract/Retain Employee Talent

Like other employer benefits, prospective or current employees with an EV will be very interested in workplaces that provide charging.

Generate Revenue

EV charging stations are inherently a commercial transaction. Depending on usage, the chargers may generate revenue or even a profit.

Increase Customer Traffic and Dwell Time

EV drivers are greatly incentivized to shop at businesses with charging stations. This can mean more customer traffic and dwell time.

Achieve Green Building Certifications

Green building programs, such as LEED, award points for EV charging. These programs can impress prospective employees or customers.

Why Provide EV Charging?

Businesses of all kinds (e.g. offices, hotels, apartments, condos) can take advantage of the many benefits of providing EV charging. Here are a few:

Why Go Electric?

There are many reasons to switch to an electric car. Here are just a few:

Decrease Vehicle Expenses

Electric vehicles are typically cheaper over the lifetime compared to a gas or diesel car. This is due to higher vehicle efficiency and less maintenance.

Decrease Time Spent on Maintenance

Electric vehicles require a whole lot less maintenance. No oil changes, spark plugs, timing belts, oil filters, etc.

Zero Tailpipe Emissions

All electric vehicles do not have a tailpipe. This means absolutely no toxic pollution or harmful greenhouse gas emissions are released from the car.

Decrease Dependence on Foreign Oil

International conflicts are occasionally due to oil interests. Instead, support local, clean energy jobs by investing in the future.

What Does an EV Charging Consultant Do?

Below is list of services Charged Future provides as an EV charging consultant:

Project Management

EVSE and Network Recommendations

Design and Engineering coordination

Project Planning

Contractor Coordination

Rebate Application Coordination

Commissioning and Training

feasibility studies

Which Type of businesses are a great match for ev charging?

EV charging can attract employees, residents, or customers who are current or prospective EV drivers. Here are the most popular applications:






AirBNB/Vacation Rentals

Parking Lots/Parking Garages


Previous Clients

County of Los Angeles

Recent Testimonies

Even as someone who likes to research thoroughly before making a purchase, the topic of EVs can be daunting. This service makes life easier for you by providing both a reader’s digest version and detailed analysis.
Charged Future EV consultant services are complete of professionalism, quality, responsiveness, and great value.
Helpful, comprehensive, and responsive to questions. I felt much more comfortable with the process of entering the market for my first EV.

EV Charging Partners

Among others, here are a few EVSE manufacturers we work with:

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