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5 Great Benefits of Workplace Charging

There are many benefits to providing workplace charging. These benefits vary from attracting new talent to certifying the building’s green credentials. 

As electric vehicles (EVs) become more and more popular, workplace charging will eventually become another amenity like coffee. The question is not if, but when EVs become the standard. While EVs rise in popularity, it is a good idea for workplaces to consider adding charging stations.

Now most EV drivers charge overnight at home. This is because this is the most convienant and cheapest way. While charging overnight at home, the driver doesnt have to wait for the car to fully recharge. Instead, they are able to do other things at home as well as sleep. In the morning, the car is charged back up to 100%. Additionally, residential electricity rates overnight are the cheapest, therefore, the cost to charge is very minimal.

For those who do not have access to charging at home or have long commutes, workplace charging is the next best location.

Here are five benefits of workplace charging:

Five Benefits to Providing Workplace Charging:

1. Attract Employee Talent

The first, and most likely the largest benefit to providing workplace charging, is to attract new employee talent. EV drivers will definitely consider workplaces that have EV charging stations installed at the property. 

For EV drivers without home charging access, finding public charging can be a bit of a pain. If charging stations are available at the workplace, the EV driver could charge during the workday saving the need to make a separate stop to charge somewhere else. 

Workplace/Office Charging

2. Retain Employee Talent

Similar to attracting new employees, providing workplace charging can also retain current employees. Current employees with an EV also greatly value the benefits of workplace charging. This is especially the case if they too do not have charging access at home. 

3. Achieve Green Building Credentials

Many green building programs like Green Point Rated or LEED award points for buildings that provide workplace charging. These green building credentials can impress prospective employees, business partners, and the general public. 

Benefits of workplace charging
LEED Program by USGBC

4. Charge Company EV Fleet

Another benefit of providing workplace charging is to charge (or allow for the future) company EV fleet. Due to higher efficiency and lower cost of maintenance, EVs can save owners and companies money. This can especially be a great benefit for companies that have a vehicle fleet for employee use. Company fleets can cost a significant amount of money to operate. By switching to EVs, companies can save on these operating costs. 

Of course, it is highly recommended to install EV charging stations if the fleet is converting to electric. Additionally, if chargers are going to be installed, it would be wise to add a few more for employee personal car use.

Benefits of Workplace Charging
Workplace Charging Stations

5. Increase Property Value

The last of the benefits of workplace charging is that it can increase the property’s value. Like other property improvements, adding EV charging stations take no exception. While most likely the first reason to install a charging station, it is still a positive by-product. 

Of course, if the business is leasing a space, this benefit does not apply. 

Closing Thoughts:

As described, these are the five benefits of workplace charging. Just one of these can be compelling enough to get them installed. If you and your business are interested in workplace charging, but aren’t sure where to start, which equipment to select, or how to navigate the design and permitting process, we are here to help!

Charged Future is an EV consultancy that can help businesses assess, plan, and install EV charging stations. Additionally, we can provide a turnkey service where we take care of the entire process for you. 

As an expert in EV charging, we know exactly where the pitfalls are, which type of charger best fits your business needs, how to navigate permitting, and much more. For a small fee, we can save you valuable staff time and headaches. 

Get started today with a consultation to see how your workplace can install EV charging stations.