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Welcome to Charged Future–the EV charging consultant that helps businesses achieve their EV charging goals.

Hi, my name is Darya Oreizi and I created Charged Future in December 2019. As an EV owner for many years, I learned that charging stations are critical for mass EV adoption. With years of experience in project and construction management, I decided to fuse my two skills to form a consultancy that helps businesses install EV charging stations.

Just like any other construction project, there are a lot of pitfalls when it comes to EV charging stations. Traditionally, if a business wanted to install EV charging at a property, they would purchase the charging units from a vendor and hire a contractor to do the installation. This process can be riddled with unnecessary costs, inefficient design and engineering, and unsatisfactory results. Plus, it will take an individual (usually staff) to serve as the project manager and coordinate the entire process. This can take a lot of time for someone who has never planned EV charging stations before. 

With Charged Future, we will coordinate the EV charging installation process, which will save both time and money. 

Rather than overpaying for products or features you don’t need, work with an expert like myself to select the right chargers for the site. Additionally, I will even search and apply to all available rebate programs to save you as much money as possible. 

Ultimately, I will coordinate the EV charging planning and design, send bid requests and review proposals from charging vendors and contractors, train staff and/or residents on how to properly use the EV charging units, and more. 

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Our Team

Charged Future is comprised of the following:

Darya Oreizi
Darya Oreizi

OWner/ Project Manager

Darya Oreizi started Charged Future in 2019 with the goal to assist property owners and businesses plan and install EV charging stations. Darya has a BS from City and Regional Planning from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and a PBC in Construction Management from LSU. 

Darya has been in the clean energy and construction industry for the past decade. Specifically, Darya coordinated solar photovoltaic installations, managed multi-family apartment construction as the site superintendent, and now assists clients plan and install EV charging stations with Charged Future.

Our Recent Projects

Home2 Suites
8 Level 2 Chargers Atascadero, CA

Completed in the fall of 2022, this project includes 8 Level 2 chargers for the Home2 Suites by Hilton hotel in Atascadero, California. The project also includes a rebate award of over $51,000. 

Napa Design Partners
11 Level 2 Chargers
Napa, CA

With a rebate of $35,000 from CALeVIP, Napa Design Partners was able to provide EV charging to it’s employees. The project was completed in the fall of 2022 and included 11 Level 2 chargers in Napa, California. 

People's Self-Help Housing
10 Level 2 Chargers
San Luis Obispo, CA

With a brand new office building, People’s Self-Help Housing decided to provide EV chargers to it’s employees in 2022. The project included 10 Level 2 chargers with a rebate award of over $30,000.

Taco Bell
4 Level 2 Chargers Atascadero, CA

This project includes 4 Level 2 chargers at the Taco Bell in Atascadero, California. The chargers were installed in Spring of 2023 and are available the public and employees. 

County of Los Angeles
10 Level 2 Chargers
Los Angeles, CA

This workplace charging project included 10 Level 2 chargers in Los Angeles for the County of Los Angeles. The project also was awarded a CALeVIP award of $35,000. 

Oceano Community Services District
10 Level 2 Chargers
Oceano, CA

Coming soon in Oceano, the Oceano Community Services District has plans to install a total of 10 Level 2 chargers at three locations in the community. The project will aim to cover most costs with two rebate programs. 

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Previous Clients

County of Los Angeles
Sema Connect
Little Leaf Farms

Who Is A Right Fit For An EV Consultant?

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Frequently Asked Questions

An EV charging consultant guides businesses through the EV charging process.

We can coordinate the EV charging planning and design, send RFPs to charging vendors and contractors, navigate through the permitting process, determine which incentives are available, and much more. 

EV charging can be fairly complicated. There are a lot of pitfalls along the way that can incur businesses a lot of unnecessary time and money. For example, some businesses may need a networked charger, while others may not. If a business purchases a networked charger uncessarily, they are on the hook for hundreds of dollars of software fees every year.

By working with an EV consultant, you can rest assure you’ll receive the best information and guidance to get EV charging stations installed at your business. In addition, we can manage the whole project for you saving you valuable staff time. As an expert, we will quickly navigate the planning, design, bidding, permitting, and installation process for you.

Lastly, we will also provide EV education to staff, residents, or any other user to ensure a complete and satisfactory product. 

Our fees vary depending on the specific project. There are a number of factors that play a role into cost such as scale of the project, number of rebate applications, and much more. Request a quote to see how much our fees would be for your project. 

EV charging stations are a great way to attract/retain employees, residents, or customers. Additionally, in some cases, EV charging stations may even generate revenue. Lastly, EV charging stations are essential for businesses who are looking to transition their fleets to electric. 

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