Available and Future EV List

Available and Future EV List (Q3 2020 Update)

Every quarter the Available and Future EV List receives revisions with the latest updates on current and future electric car models. Interestingly, within just a few months, the electric vehicle (EV) market rapidly changes as more and more automakers debut plans for new models. Additionally, current models receive significant upgrades each year such as longer range, cheaper pricing, or faster charging.

In this latest update to the Available and Future EV List, there are several new future electric car models, updated pricing and specs on current models, and revised projections on future models.

Check out the below images of the new list. In particular, each image demonstrates a different filter or sorting of the list. For example, applying the BEV (all-electric car that is) only filter removes all PHEVs (plug-in hybrids). With this filter, you can now view just the all-electric cars.

Similarly, the list can be sorted by price point. In this view, the table sorts all the EVs by low to high price.

Change Log:

Conveniently, the table is located on its own page here.

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