Best Electric Car Podcasts

5 Best Electric Car Podcasts

Keeping up with the latest electric vehicle (EV) news can be challenging. This segment of the automotive news is constantly changing with announcements of car maker’s EV plans, reveals of new models, reviews of existing models, updates to charging networks, and much more. 

Fortunately, for those who love listening rather than reading, there are several EV podcasts to learn all latest on electric cars. These podcasts range from daily to weekly releases. The daily podcasts are typically around 15 minutes while the weekly podcasts are a bit longer at around 2 hours. 

Best Electric Car Podcasts:

1. EV News Daily

The first of the five best electric car podcasts is EV News Daily. As the name of the podcast suggests, EV News Daily is a daily electric car podcast produced solely by Martyn Lee. Unlike other podcasts, EV News Daily covers global EV news. Each episode is about 15 minutes. 

Additionally, the podcast holds a “Saturday Special” where Lee interviews industry leaders and experts for an extended length episode. Lastly, EV News Daily asks listeners to participate in “Question of the Week”. At the end of the week, Lee reads the answers of several listeners. 

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2. Ride the Lightning: The Unofficial Tesla Podcast

Ride the Lighting: The Unofficial Tesla Podcast is hosted solely by Ryan McCafferey. Every Friday, McCafferey releases the 1.5-2 hour podcast covering specifically Tesla news. 

McCafferey covers Tesla news of the previous week during the first 30 minutes. The next segment is the hour long “Ride the Lightning Hotline”. The “Ride the Lightning Hotline” is a listener provided ‘ask a question’ or ‘respond to a question’. Typically, listeners ask and respond to Tesla in-car software troubleshooting and buying advice.

The last segment is the “Pro Tip of the Week”. Like the previous segment, listeners call in and provide others a notable tip to enhance their Tesla experience. 

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3. InsideEVs Podcast

The next of the best electric car podcasts by InsideEVs. InsideEVs recently launched a weekly electric car news podcast. Like their website, the content is of very good quality.

The podcast is typically one hour long and covers general U.S. EV news. The podcast is led by InsideEVs main editor Domenick Yoney and occasionally features special guests such as EV News Daily host Martyn Lee. 

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4. Fully Charged Podcast

Fully Charged is an internationally renowned EV channel hosted by Robert Llewellyn, Maddie Moate, Helen Czerski, Rory Reid, Chelsea Sexton and Andy Torbet. Specifically, the Fully Charged podcast covers global EV news as well as industry expert interviews and Q&A panels from their video channel.  

The Fully Charged podcast covers mostly European EV news, however, occasionally they cover U.S. news.

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5. EV-Resource Podcast

Finally, final of the best electric car podcasts is by EV-Resource.

EV-Resource is fairly new, however, that doesn’t stop show host Zack Hurst from delivering an awesome podcast. EV-Resource is perfect for both first-time EV owners and shoppers as well as experience EV drivers. Published on a weekly basis, EV-Resource provides a great roundup on the latest EV news in addition to EV ownership stories from Zack.

Furthermore, on an occasional basis, EV-Resource will feature guests from all different individuals and businesses within the EV realm. It’s a great changeup to the weekly news. If listeners want more for Zack’s content, EV-Resource also provides a monthly magazine as well as an online blog.

This podcast is a must-have in your EV podcast arsenal.

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Closing Thoughts:

Well there is the list of the best electric car podcasts. Personally, I listen to EV News Daily, Ride the Lightning (even though I do not own a Tesla), and EV-Resource on a regular basis. In my opinion, these are the three best electric car podcasts out there. Lee, McCaffrey, and Hurst provide well-sourced EV news in a clear and concise format. When I’m looking for additional EV podcasts, I then go straight to InsideEVs and Fully Charged.

Best Electric Car Podcasts
EV News Daily

No matter which ones you subscribe to, you are sure to get great EV content. After you have tried a few of them, which ones do you like best? Is there another EV podcast that should be added to this list? Feel free to comment below!

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