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Charged Future: Electric Vehicle News, Stats, and Education.

Here you’ll find a collection of basic electric vehicle (EV) education, statistics, vehicle reviews, and recommended products for the first-time EV shopper or owner.

While the vehicle’s primary operation has not changed in the last 100 years, technology and electrification have significantly in the last 10 years. Manufacturers, like Tesla, are disrupting the auto industry like never before.

Charged Future aims to provide critical and easy to understand information to those who are unfamiliar such as available models, basic terminology, operation and maintenance costs, and general outlook of EVs.  

After owning a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) Chevy Volt for several years, I noticed there were not many beginner-level EV websites to help prospective buyers learn about all things EV.

This became even more so when my wife and I discussed what vehicle to replace our aging 2001 Honda Accord.

We spent months researching all the different models available. Unfortunately, there not many resources online that easily explained what owning an EV is like.

After reflecting on this experience, I realized there needed to be a better way. This became is more apparent when I received so many basic questions from friends and family about our EV.

They too were not familiar with EVs. Most of their questions were “How far does it go?” and “How long do you charge it?” just as my wife and I had thought.

I was pleased to answer their questions, but there needed to be an online resource I could point them to for all of their beginner level EV questions.

This is when I created Charged Future in 2020.

Charged Future promises to provide accurate information that is clearly sourced and detailed for beginner level EV education and news.

I will aim to write 2-4 posts/month. Topics will include the latest EV news, new models, vehicle reviews, how to charge, and more.

Additionally, over time I will provide all of my spreadsheets that helped my wife and I “go EV”. Everybody loves spreadsheets, right?!

Darya Oreizi, Charged Future