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Is an Electric Car Right for You? Take the Quiz!

Many of us have heard how the future of cars is electric, however, is now the right time to get an electric car? Would it be better to wait for the technology to improve before making the switch?

Those of both very good questions that should take some serious consideration. While electric cars have many perks, they can be a bit complicated. Therefore it is best to know all of the basics before you are ready to switch to an electric vehicle (EV). 

In this article, you will learn if an electric car is right for you as well as why switch, would it be better to wait, and where to search for one.

Let’s get started!

Why Switch to an Electric Car?

EVs offer several advantages compared to conventional internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEV or gas cars). Some of these advantages are cheaper total cost of ownership, fewer lifecycle emissions, quieter driving experience, and instantaneous torque. 

In fact, per Energy Sage, an average EV costs $485 per year to operate while a comparable gas car costs $1,117. In other words, electric cars cost less than half to operate than gas! This is mainly because EVs are much, much more efficient than ICEVs. 

In addition, there are thousands of dollars of incentives available for EVs. For example, the recently released Toyota RAV4 Prime and the highly anticipated Ford Mustang Mach-E are eligible for over $10,000 in tax credits and rebates for buyers in California, Colorado, or Oregon. These incentives are in addition to any dealer discounts or rebates. 

For additional reading, check out the Top 10 Electric Car Benefits Over Gas.

Is an Electric Car Right for You?

However, for the first-time EV shopper, there are many things to consider before buying an electric car. The purchase price, frequency of long distance trips, and access to charging are just a few important considerations.

To test your EV readiness, check out the below quiz and summary of everything you need to know before going electric. 

Is an Electric Car Right for You? Take the Quiz!

Would It Be Better to Wait for the Technology to Improve?

It’s a fair question to ask. Like all technology (e.g. phones, computers), the next iteration will always promise bigger and better. With EVs, the same holds true.

Today, there are over 50 models of electric cars to choose from. Some are plug-in hybrid while others are all-electric. Most cost under $40,000 while some cost nearly $100,000. Depending on your preferences, there very well is an electric car already suited for your wants/needs. 

The choice you really have to ask is if it is enough for you today. If so, why wait to enjoy the fruits of electric cars?! If not, better keep your eyes on the road ahead as there are many, many new models with better range, charging, and price points.

Where Do You Find Electric Cars?

Okay, so know you know the advantages of switching to an electric car and how one could be a right fit for you. The next question you may have is where do you find them.

There are two must-have resources you need to know about depending on if you want new or used. 

New EVs: Comprehensive Electric Car List

The Comprehensive Electric Car List includes all currently for sale and future planned electric cars for North America. Specifically, the list includes key metrics such as cost, battery size, range, max DC Fast Charging rate, and much more.

Available and Future EV Table
Comprehensive Available/Future EV Table

Plus, it is available as a PDF by signing up to the email list. Subscribers also receive the monthly newsletter to stay up to date with the latest articles. 

Once you have selected the electric car right for you, contact your local dealer for pricing and inventory availability. 

Used EVs: 

But what about used EVs? The place to go is The website is an online marketplace dedicated 100% to used electric cars. 

Unlike competitors like or Autotrader, MyEV specializes in EVs, therefore, they include key electric car metrics such as DC Fast Charging plugs and max rates. This sort of information is critical while shopping for an EV and, unfortunately, is not available on general online car search engines. 

Once you have selected the used electric car right for you, MyEV will help you connect with the seller or dealer. They truly make the used EV buying experience so much easier than other vehicle marketplaces. 

Closing Thoughts

While there are some barriers to entry with EVs, many Americans can easily switch their primary or secondary vehicle to electric. Since most people commute less than 50 miles per day (pre-COVID 19), an EV is a really great way to cut down on commuting costs. 

Plus, charging networks are rapidly expanding to urban and rural areas. This enables both long distance travel as well as charging access if charging at home is not available. 

For those interested in new or used EVs, but a little intimidated by charging or other EV subjects, feel free to schedule a FREE consultation with us at Charged Future! We are your personal EV consultant that can help walk you through EV basics for the first-time shopper.