Not sure about EV charging? Conduct an EV charging feasibility study!

Installing EV charging stations can be expensive. Before significant capital is spent, it may be worth conducting an EV charging feasibility study. 

An EV Charging Feasibility Study Includes:

Preliminary Site Assessment

Each site is different. Some sites are relatively easy to install stations, while others are more complex. We’ll assess what is needed to get chargers so the path forward is well defined. 

Rebate Search

There are millions of dollars in EV charging incentives out there. We’ll search through several databases to see what programs are available to the site. In many cases, rebates can cut project costs by over 50%. 

Project Cost Estimate

EV charging station installations can vary wildly in cost. We’ll provide a cost estimate so you’ll know approximately how much it will cost to install EV chargers.

Equipment Recommendations

There are dozens of EV charging vendors and networks. Each have different price points and features. This can make it difficult to select one. As EV charging professionals, we’ll help assess which equipment and networking is the best fit. 

Demand Survey

Determining how many charging stations are needed is a complex hurdle. We’ll survey the site host and EV drivers to calculate how many are needed for both today and the future. 

Operating Cost Estimate

Looking to generate revenue with EV charging stations? Looking to provide free EV charging but want to know how much it will cost each year? We can help estimate total operating expenses to help determine if EV chargers are a worthwhile investment. 

Why Conduct an EV Charging Feasibility Study?

Plan Early, Save Later

With the EV Charging Feasibility Study we’ll identify the high-risk factors and most cost-effective path forward. With proper planning comes less project cost

Know Before You Go

EV charging station installations can cost a few thousand to several thousand dollars. Knowing approximately how much your site install will cost is incredibly valuable. 

Meet Expectations

Not sure what the installation will look like, how many chargers are needed, or how much it will cost? We’ll answer all of those before you spend any significant money. 

Which Type of businesses are a great match for ev charging?

EV charging can attract employees, residents, or customers who are current or prospective EV drivers. Here are the most popular applications:






AirBnb/Vacation Rental



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