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Our EV charging project management service is great for those looking to save time and money throughout their electric vehicle charging project. 

EV Charging Project Management Services Include:

Preliminary Site Assessment

During this phase, we’ll help determine how many chargers are needed, where they should be located, and estimate installation costs. 

Equipment and Network Recommendations

There are dozens of charger vendors and networking companies out there. Each have various price points and features. We’ll sort through all of them and recommend the best ones for your specific site. 

Planning and Design Coordination

Complying with local building codes and regulations can be challenging. We’ll work with the design team to ensure the plans meet code. We can even provide engineering services if needed. 

Permitting and Utility Approval Coordination

Permitting can bring a myriad of hurdles for a project. No worry! We’ve been here before and will assist the design team throughout the process. Plus, we’ll gain utility approval if any service upgrade is required. 

Contractor Solicitation and Coordination

As the project manager, we’ll draft and solicit the contractor RFP on your behalf. We’ll help find a contractor that is both cost-effective and of high quality.

Installation Coordination

Now the fun begins. We’ll coordinate with the contractor to ensure the installation starts and ends within your timeline. We’ll also provide updates throughout the entire process. Lastly, we’ll conduct quality control inspections to ensure the installation is completed per approved plans. 

Rebate Application Submittal

Rebates and other incentives can often covers around 50% of total project costs! We’ll look through several databases to find all available rebate programs and apply to them on your behalf. We’ll also ensure the project meets all program requirements. 

Staff Training

Like any new technology, there is a learning curve to understand how it works and operates. We’ll train key personnel on how to manage the chargers to ensure a smooth operation. 


Time for the chargers to be activated! We’ll work with the contractor, networking company, utility company, and local building officials to ensure the installation is completed per plan. We’ll also check each charger is operating correctly before the station opens for use. 

Which Locations are a great match for ev charging?

EV charging can attract employees, residents, or customers who are current or prospective EV drivers. Here are the most popular applications:









Why Hire a EV Charging Project Manager?

EV charging station installer

Expert in the Industry

We know EV charging. It’s what we do. Therefore, we know the best equipment, networking, design strategies, future-proofing ideas, code and regulation requirements, where to find all the rebates, and so much more. 

Freelance EV writing

Turnkey Service

Our charging installation service covers the entire process. We’ll manage the job from start to finish leaving you without any headache or frustration. 

Unbiased and Unaffiliated

We do not have any affiliation with any charging manufacturer. Therefore, our recommendations are given with your project’s best intent. 

Frequently Asked Questions

An EV charging consultant guides businesses through the EV charging process.

We can coordinate the EV charging planning and design, send RFPs to charging vendors and contractors, navigate through the permitting process, determine which incentives are available, and much more. 

EV charging can be fairly complicated. There are a lot of pitfalls along the way that can incur businesses a lot of unnecessary time and money. For example, some businesses may need a networked charger, while others may not. If a business purchases a networked charger uncessarily, they are on the hook for hundreds of dollars of software fees every year.

By working with an EV consultant, you can rest assure you’ll receive the best information and guidance to get EV charging stations installed at your business. In addition, we can manage the whole project for you saving you valuable staff time. As an expert, we will quickly navigate the planning, design, bidding, permitting, and installation process for you.

Lastly, we will also provide EV education to staff, residents, or any other user to ensure a complete and satisfactory product. 

Our fees vary depending on the specific project. There are a number of factors that play a role into cost such as scale of the project, number of rebate applications, and much more. Request a quote to see how much our fees would be for your project. 

EV charging stations are a great way to attract/retain employees, residents, or customers. Additionally, in some cases, EV charging stations may even generate revenue. Lastly, EV charging stations are essential for businesses who are looking to transition their fleets to electric. 

Yes! Many sites are eligible for various EV charging incentives in the form of rebates, grants, tax credits, discounted electricity rates, and more. We’ll work with you to search and apply to any available program. We’ll also take care of all the paperwork and compliance documentation. 

Costs can vary depending on several factors such as location, type of charger, electrical upgrades, and more. Let us know about your project and we can provide an accurate estimate.

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