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Are Installing EV Charging Stations at Hotels a Good Idea?

If you are a hotel owner, you may be wondering if EV charging stations at hotels are a good idea. With the rise of EV (electric vehicles) in recent years and notable news headlines such as General Motors going all-electric by 2035 or California will ban gas cars by 2035, it is fair to say that investing in EV charging infrastructure may be a worthwhile venture. 

In fact, there are many reasons why it can be a really good idea to install EV charging stations at hotels. Let’s dive into each benefit and detail exactly how it can help your hotel business. 

EV Charging Stations at Hotels Benefits:

#1: Attract Customers

The first and foremost benefit of installing EV charging stations at hotels is that they can attract EV driving customers. Quite obviously, if someone is traveling with an electric car, they are highly motivated to stay at a hotel that has charging stations than one that does not. The benefit to them is that they don’t have to plan another charging stop after they leave the hotel. 

Charging overnight at a hotel can negate the need to charge once they leave the hotel. This 30-40 minute time saver can have a very high value to certain individuals. This is especially helpful for families where traveling long distances needs to be as streamlined as possible. 

EV charging stations at hotels
EV Charging Stations at Hotels

EV charging stations at hotels is another amenity like pools or fitness centers. Sooner or later, customers will expect this amenity to be at every hotel once EV adoption rates reach the mainstream market. For the time being, it is a healthy perk that can set your hotel apart from the one down the street. 

#2: Generate Revenue

Another benefit to installing EV charging stations at hotels is that it can generate revenue. EV charging stations can be just like gas stations. They deliver a product in exchange for money. While there are initial upfront costs and on-going network fees associated with installing charging stations, the fees the drivers pay can offset this investment and eventually generate some site revenue. 

Of course, how much charging stations can profit greatly depends on a number of factors. Nevertheless, the value of charging at a hotel can create a revenue-generating transaction. 

#3: Support Sustainability Goals

Does your hotel have sustainability goals? Are you looking to receive LEED or GreenPoint Rated certification? If so, installing EV charging stations can help!

EV charging stations support the adoption of electric cars, which are proven to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gases. Additionally, many green building programs, such as LEED, award points for EV charging stations. 

Benefits of workplace charging
LEED Certification

Showing off your hotel’s green credentials is another way to set yourself apart from the competition. Plus, it is the right thing to do. 

#4: Take Advantage of Available Rebates

The last benefit of installing EV charging stations at hotels is to take advantage of the available rebates. It is a fact that the available rebates for EV charging stations won’t last forever. Once funds dry up, they likely will not be returning. At the moment, various government agencies have EV charging stations rebates available to help encourage the adoption of electric cars. Once there are adequate charging stations, the government will no longer offer rebates as it is no longer needed. 

By putting off installing EV charging stations at your hotel, you may miss the boat. Instead, take advantage of the available rebates that are around today. Many of these rebate programs cover around 50% to 80% of the total cost! In terms of dollars, that could be around $15,000. If you have the slightest interest in installing EV charging stations in the near future, it is highly recommended you look into doing so now to take advantage of the rebates–they won’t be around forever. 

Closing Thoughts

So after this article, are you now at least a little more interested in installing EV charging stations at your hotel? Between attracting customers, generating revenue, achieving sustainability goals, and taking advantage of available rebates, it is hard to justify why it wouldn’t be a good idea. 

EV Charging Consultant

If you now believe installing EV charging stations at hotels is a good idea and would like your very own EV charging consultant to help you through the entire process, schedule a free consultation with us today! As the project manager, we’ll navigate the entire project from start to finish on your behalf. As an expert, we know how many charging stations you’ll need, which are the best products, how to get permits, how to get a reputable contractor, and finally, how to get all of the available rebates. Again, get started today with a free consultation

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  1. You made a good point when you said that a hotel could attract EV driving customers if they would install EV charging stations. This is something that I believe not only hotels but different facilities must consider in order to obtain more customers. I could imagine how charging stations could offer convenience to most of the customers as EV use has become popular. Thanks for sharing this.

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