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Everything You Need to Know About an EV Consultant

What is An EV Consultant?

An electric vehicle (EV) consultant is an expert in the electric car realm that can help individuals and/or businesses make the transition to electric vehicles (EVs). At first, EVs may seem fairly complicated. There are many different types of EVs (e.g. BEVs, PHEVs, HEVs, Fuel Cell), they have new terminology (e.g. kW, kWh, battery buffer, charge curve), and charging is a bit more complex than refueling. 

While a lot of this information can be found online, just like other complex topics, it is easy to get lost in the sea of information. That is where an EV consultant can help. An EV consultant has years of experience in this emerging industry and knows the ins and outs of EVs. 

What Does an EV Consultant Do?

An EV consultant provides professional services for individuals and/or businesses. Through a combination of consultation phone calls and personalized reports, an EV consultant can help guide first-time electric car buyers towards their first EV. 

Specifically, personalized reports are generated after taking in the client’s vehicle needs/wants, home or work charging access, budget, and a few other baseline metrics. After reviewing these qualifications, an EV consultant will provide the following:

  • Beginner level EV information such as terminology, battery technology, or charging concepts
  • Electric car recommendations per client’s vehicle wants/needs
  • Charging scenarios to frequent long-distanced destinations
  • Financial projections such as cost savings of EVs vs current gas car
  • Detailed list of applicable and available EV incentives
  • Tutorials such as how to use public charging stations
  • And much more!

All of this information is packaged into an easy to read downloadable PDF. With Charged Future’s services, a consultation phone call is made available after the report is delivered. That way the client has the opportunity to ask any lingering questions. 

Why Should You Work With One?

Normally, it can take several hours of your time researching key EV information. With over 50 models to choose from, it can be fairly overwhelming. Additionally, as mentioned previously, there are a ton of new concepts such as charging that can quickly dismay prospective shoppers. 

Instead, work with an EV consultant to receive personalized electric car recommendations, financial savings calculations, expert advice, and so much more! While there are those who currently have an EV and did not hire an electric car consultant, they were early adopters and took risks doing so. They had to figure out after they bought their car if an EV was a right choice for them.

Think of it this way: if you are filing your taxes for the very first time, would you do it yourself or hire a tax professional/software service? Most likely you hired help since there are many places to go wrong on your taxes if you have never filed before. The same goes for electric cars. 

By working with an electric car consultant, you take the guesswork out and receive personalized recommendations and advice in a short amount of time. 

When Should You Start Working With One?

Why not today?! The sooner you start working with an EV consultant, the sooner you can see how you can go electric and how much you can save. In most cases, drivers who switch to EV save thousands of dollars. Start saving money today by working with an EV consultant!

Additionally, there are many EV incentives such as the Federal Electric Vehicle Tax Credit. Many of these incentives have expiration dates or are available until funds run out. The quicker you start looking into electric cars, the quicker you can claim these thousands of dollars of incentives before the time runs out. 

Where Do I Start Working With an EV Consultant?

Check out Charged Future’s Services page to learn more about how you can make the switch to electric. Known as the EV Report, this completely personalized digital book details how exactly you can get an EV.

There are three levels of services: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Each service upgrade includes more features such as more content, more EV recommendations, more detailed financial estimates, and more expert advice. 

Of course, feel free to schedule a FREE consultation call to go over all of this in detail over the phone. Head over to the Schedule page to schedule your free consultation. Additionally, you may send an email at the Contact page.