EV Charging Installation Simplified.

Charged Future is the EV charging consultant for your business. We’ll help you plan, design, and install the EV charging stations. Save time and money by working with an EV expert. 

EV Charging Services

EV Charging Program Management

Have a business with multiple sites? It may be a good idea to standardize the rollout of the EV charging stations. Start with the Project Delivery Process Manual to streamline the future implementation. With this report, you'll have a clear blueprint of how to proceed forward with each project, which will reduce the schedule.

EV Charging Feasibility Study

Before your business spends significant capital, it is best to evaluate the site to determine if EV charging stations will be a good fit. Since each site is different, a Site Feasibility Study will help determine the number of charging stations needed, estimated costs, and potential risk factors.

EV Charging Installation Coordination

As the project manager, we'll navigate the entire EV charging project on your behalf. We'll provide updates through each milestone. This turnkey service also includes coordination with the design team, permitting, selecting the contractor, and much more. Save valuable time and money by working with an expert.

Standardize Multi-Site Installs

By creating a standard blueprint for multi-site installations, your business will guarantee reptitive, successful results with high levels of quality.

Streamline EV Charging Installations

Implementing an EV charging program will significantly speed up each charging station install by outlining the best process for each job.

Reduce Staff Time and Effort

With standardization comes reduced staff time and effort, which leads to the project being done quickly and staff time to resume regular duties.

Evaluate Charging Station Needs

Every site is different. We'll help determine how many charging stations you'll need today as well as how many for the future.

Estimate Installation Costs

Knowing how much the project will cost is very valuable before any significant capital is spent. We'll estimate installation costs so you'll have an idea of what to expect.

Charger and Network Recommendations

There are dozens of EV chargers and network providers. We'll work with you to recommend a charger and network that fits your site specifically to save you thousands.

Planning and Design Coordination

There are many technical components to an EV charging station install, such as engineering, code compliance, and system optimization. As the project manager, we'll ensure this entire process runs smoothly.

Installation Coordination

We'll assist in bringing on a reputable and affordable contractor who will complete the installation. During this phase, we'll relay updates to you as well as ensure the finished product meets your expectation.

Rebate Search and Application

There are thousands of dollars of rebates out there for EV charging. We know all the places to search and will apply to these programs to reduce total project cost as much as possible. Some cover as much as 80%!

Why Work With An EV Charging Consultant?

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1. Save Valuable Staff Time

Coordinating an EV charging project can take hours of staff time. Through assessment, planning, design, permitting, installation, and commissioning, we will coordinate the job quickly and efficiently.

2. Turnkey Service

One of our most popular services is our turnkey/project management EV charging service. Through this, we will navigate the entire project for you. We'll make installing the EV charging stations as easy as possible for you and your business.

3. Handpicked EV Charging Equipment

There are many different types of EV charging equipment and many more vendors. Avoid unnecessary features and costs by working with an expert. We'll sift through all of these different chargers and will recommend one that is the right fit for your business.

4. Applicable EV Incentives

There are many, many tax credits and rebates out there. See exactly which incentives apply to the EV charging project. We'll even take care of the application for you. Some projects see incentives covering around 30% of the total cost.

5. Unbiased and unaffiliated

As an unbiased and unaffiliated third party, you can feel rest assured our recommendations and advice are free from any bias. As a result, our advice is given to benefit your project the most.

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our expertise

EV Industry

After being in the EV industry for several years, we are aware of reputable chargers, cost efficient networks, and available rebates.

Years of experience

As an EV owner for many years, and a member in the EV industry for many more, we know everything there is to know about EVs and EV charging.

Project Management

Managing a project that you've never done before can be challenging. As expert EV charging consultant, we know where the pitfalls are, what resources to utilize, and what to expect on the road ahead.