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5 Places to Find EV Charging Station Incentives

Considering installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, but want to offset as many costs as possible with incentives such as tax credits or rebates? Well, fortunately, there are millions of dollars of incentives throughout the United States. These incentives are provided by various sources as a way to spur EV adoption. 

In fact, recently, the federal government adopted a goal to have 50% of passenger car sales to be electric by 2030. While some have considered this goal too ambitious as the current EV market share is around 2.5%, others are inspired. Furthermore, the federal government has pledged to install 500,000 charging stations in the coming years. That being said, it remains to be seen how and exactly when these chargers will be installed. 

In any case, installing EV charging stations at apartment and condo complexes, workplaces, or hotels are a great way to attract or retain residents/employees/customers. For those looking to reduce project costs as much as possible, look to the available incentives to bring down the costs. 

There are five places to find EV charging station incentives:

  1. Federal Government
  2. State Governments
  3. Electric Utility Companies
  4. Local Air Districts
  5. Local Municipalities

Federal Government

The federal government currently has one incentive program for EV charging stations. The Alternative Fuel Infrastructure tax credit program provides a 30% tax credit (or up to $30,000, whichever is less) on eligible project costs such as the charging station and cost of installation. This incentive alone has allowed thousands of site hosts to install EV charging stations across America. The program is set to expire at the end of 2021, so if interested be sure to complete the project before December 31, 2021. 

ev charging station incentives
J1772 Plug (Level 2)

State Governments

Several U.S. state governments have EV charging station incentives that provide thousands of dollars to eligible projects. For example, the State of California has the California Electric Vehicle Investment Project (CALeVIP) program that has issued over $124 million dollars of rebates over the past few years. Another state, Pennsylvania, also has an EV charging station incentive program (Driving PA Forward) that provides at least $3,500 to qualified Level 2 charger projects. 

Electric Utility Companies

Several electric utility companies offer rebates to property owners to install EV charging stations. This one may be rather obvious as more charging stations mean more EV drivers plugging into the grid. As the country fuel switches from gas to electric, electric utility companies aim to be the next oil and gas companies. The Vermont utility company, Green Mountain Power, offers a turnkey program for a low monthly fee of $45 per month to eligible workplaces.

Local Air Districts

Not all states have air districts so this one may be quite selective, however, the ones that do often offer rebates for chargers. Air districts in California, such as San Joaquin Valley APCD, provide thousands of dollars of rebates to qualified Level 2 and DC Fast Charging projects. 

Planning EV Charging Stations
Dual-port Level 2 EV Charging Station

Local Municipalities

The last and final place to find EV charging station incentives is at local municipalities. While many cities and counties may not provide such programs, some do. Take Long Beach, Florida. The city has an EV charger giveaway program to residents. 

Closing Thoughts

So between the federal government, state government, electric utility company, local air district, or local municipality there are EV charging station programs to be found. When combining multiple programs together it is often for the site hosts to only pay 30% to 80% of total costs. This reduced cost can make the capital expenditure much more manageable in the annual budget.  

If you are considering installing EV chargers but need some assistance with the planning, engineering, installation, and rebate applications feel free to reach out to us as your EV charging consultant. We’ll take care of the entire project, saving you both time and money. Get started today with a free quote.