Outlet Splitter to Charge Two Electric Cars

Introducing the NeoCharge Smart Splitter: The First Intelligent 240 Volt Outlet Splitter

Electric vehicles (EVs) are often advertised as saving people money from decreased operating costs. Since EVs are more efficient than gasoline-powered cars, EVs can save individuals thousands of dollars per year from fewer fuel costs.

Unfortunately, sometimes there are startup costs to get quick home charging up and running. Fortunately, NeoCharge has invented a solution!

The Neo Charge Smart Splitter: A 240 Volt Outlet Splitter With Many Uses

240 Volt Outlet Splitter
NeoCharge Smart Splitter

Typically, EV owners would need to install a new, dedicated 240 Volt (V) circuit if they wanted quicker Level 2 charging (electric cars are also able to charge on a regular 120V circuit, however, it charges much, much slower than 240V/Level 2 charging). 

The cost to install a new, dedicated 240V circuit can cost homeowners several hundred and sometimes over a thousand dollars. This can be quite expensive and frustrating if there is already an existing 240V outlet nearby but currently occupied by an existing appliance. 

NeoCharge sought to solve this issue with EV drivers. They invented a smart 240 volt outlet splitter known as the Smart Splitter.

With the Smart Splitter device, EV drivers are able to avoid installing new electrical infrastructure in their home or rental while still enjoying quicker Level 2 charging. 

Rather than installing a new, dedicated 240V circuit, the Smart Splitter intelligently switches power between two devices. Power is sent to only one device at a time, however, can smartly switch back to the other device as needed. 

There are three configurations of the Smart Splitter. This allows EV drivers to charge two electric cars, or an electric car and an appliance, or two appliances to use a single 240V outlet!

240 Volt Outlet Splitter
An Intelligent 240 Volt Outlet Splitter With Many Uses

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The NeoCharge Story

The NeoCharge story began three years ago as a senior project at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where two Engineers came together to break down barriers related to transportation.

With electric vehicles just starting to take off, they saw electric cars as a huge opportunity to reduce emissions on this planet. Although, there were many issues related to the adoption of electric cars.

After talking with hundreds of electric vehicle drivers, Spencer Harrison and Akhil Veluru found a large issue across the board. The cost of installing an outlet for Level 2 home charging greatly varys, and costs thousands of dollars when an electric panel upgrade is required. 

On top of this, home renters do not have the option of hiring an electrician in a house they do not own. This poses a major barrier for home renters and homeowners to be fully satisfied with their electric car, even worse, makes people choose to not drive electric over gas.

NeoCharge Smart Splitter
NeoCharge (Left to Right): Akhil Veluru, Spencer Harrison, Ryan Meffert

With this in mind, Spencer and Akhil set out to develop a solution that provided the easiest possible home charging installation for homeowners and renters. So, they created the NeoCharge Smart Splitter.

After a few years of rigorous testing, NeoCharge received their UL safety certification in 2020. 

NeoCharge has won many notable awards including Caltech’s RocketFund grant, the LA Cleantech Incubators Innovators Award, and they are an incubator at the LA Cleantech Incubator, one of the top business incubators in the world.

240 Volt Outlet Splitter Configuration One: Multi-EV Charging

As previously stated, the Smart Splitter can be configured for multi-EV households. In other words, this device can charge two electric cars with one outlet! 

Normally, for two EVs to charge on Level 2 charging, the homeowner would need two separate 240V circuits. Again, this can be quite expensive. Additionally, the home’s main electric panel may not have enough breaker space to facilitate another two-pole breaker. 

With NeoCharge, the outlet splitter can charge two EVs with one outlet. Each EV would still need their own charger plugged into the Smart Splitter, however.

Multi-EV Charging
Multi-EV Charging

Additionally, only one charger will receive power at a given moment. Regardless, this is definitely the cheapest way to charge two electric cars at home. 

There is currently only one EV charger that has two plugs resolving this problem in a somewhat similar fashion, however, that charger by Clipper Creek is over $1,300.

The cost of two regular EV chargers and one Smart Splitter would be much cheaper. 

240 Volt Outlet Splitter Configuration Two: Appliance and EV

Many washers and dryers are located in the garage. For homes that have an electric dryer with a 240V outlet, the Smart Splitter can be configured to share that circuit between the dryer and an electric car! 

Again, NeoCharge has brilliantly designed the Smart Splitter to switch power to the device asking for electricity. By default, one particular device can be given priority in the event both devices want power. 

Charge An EV and Appliance With One Outlet
Charge an EV and Power an Appliance With One 240 Volt Outlet

The appliance/EV configuration of the Smart Splitter is also really great for renters. Previously, owning an electric car as a rental can be quite challenging. This is because the best way to charge an EV is at home. 

For homes that need to upgrade electrical service for home, charging can present a problem to renters. It wouldn’t make much sense for the renter to pay hundreds of dollars to install a 240V outlet to a home they don’t own and may move out from in the near future. 

In fact, I previously was in this very same situation.

Fortunately, I was able to get by on a regular 120V outlet for Level 1 charging, but this workaround may not work for most. You can read all about owning an EV as a renter here

However, thanks to NeoCharge, the Smart Splitter is finally a solution for EV drivers who are renters!

These individuals just need to simply plug in the Smart Splitter into the electric dryer outlet and then plug in the dryer and EV plug into the Smart Splitter. Done. No electrical upgrades required. 

240 Volt Outlet Splitter Configuration Three: Two Appliances

For homeowners looking to fuel-switch–that is converting old, gas appliances to new, electric models, adding a new 240V circuit can make the upgrade no longer financially viable.

While electric appliances are more efficient than gas models, paying several hundred dollars to install electrical infrastructure to get the device running doesn’t make a great return on investment. 

The Smart Splitter can solve this problem too! All that is needed is a single 240V circuit close enough to the two appliances. These appliances can be electric dryers, hot water heaters, A/C units, etc. 

Closing Thoughts

The Smart Splitter by NeoCharge is a great device for many uses! As an intelligent 240 volt outlet splitter, the Smart Splitter is the first of its kind.

Most importantly, this device is UL listed. The UL listing ensures consumers the device is safe for use as it is third-party tested. 

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The Smart Splitter is the perfect solution to utilize a single 240V outlet for multiple devices. As illustrated previously, this can save homeowners hundreds of dollars. 

Lastly, this device is absolutely perfect for EV drivers who are renters. Rather than relying solely on public charging or paying the landlord for electrical upgrades, renters can simply plug the Smart Splitter into an existing 240V outlet for quicker Level 2 charging. 

Check out NeoCharge and their Smart Splitter for more details. 

Full disclosure: this article is not a paid endorsement, however, using the aforementioned promo code will provide a small fee to Charged Future.