Countries with gas car bans

31 Countries and U.S. States with Gas Car Bans

Electric vehicles (EVs) have exploded in popularity in the past ten years. Thanks to early technology advances by Tesla, GM, and Nissan, battery costs have decreased and the electric range has increased. 

The role of electric cars is critical for greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution goals. In fact, the transportation sector alone is accountable for 30% of emissions in the United States. If any country is serious about decreasing emissions and pollution, EVs must be a part of that plan. 

As such, many countries around the world have devised plans, goals, or laws to end the sale of gasoline powered vehicles. These gas car bans vary in text, however, the writing is on the wall for car manufacturers. In just a few decades, car makers will need to produce EVs or get left behind. 

In the United States, EVs currently represent around 3% of new car sales. However, analysts predict that by 2030 that share will rise to around 30%. 

In fact, in just 2021, there will be over 20 new electric models. With lower prices, more vehicle segments, and longer range than ever before, EVs will surely make a big splash in 2021. 

Here are the countries and states with gas car bans:

Countries and U.S. States with Gas Car Bans

In map format:

Gas Car Bans

And in table format:

Norway2025New vehicles
South Korea2025New vehicles
Belgium2026New company vehicles
Austria2027New taxis or car shares
Washington2027Government fleet
Slovenia2030New vehicles
Iceland2030New vehicles
Netherlands2030New vehicles
Denmark2030New vehicles
Ireland2030New vehicles
Israel2030New vehicles
Sweden2030New vehicles
India 2030New vehicles
Germany2030New vehicles
United Kingdom2030New vehicles
Scotland2032New vehicles
Japan2035New vehicles
California2035New vehicles
China2040New vehicles
Singapore2040New vehicles
Sir Lanka2040New vehicles
Taiwan2040Bus (2030), motorcycle (2035), cars (2040)
Canada2040New vehicles
France2040New vehicles
Spain 2040New vehicles
Portugal2040New vehicles
Egypt2040New vehicles
New Jersey2040New vehicles
District of Columbia2045Government and private fleet
Costa Rica2050New vehicles
Colorado2050New vehicles

Closing Thoughts

With over 30 countries and states with gas car bans, it is no wonder the future is destined to be electric. Sooner or later, gas cars will be a thing of the past.

Several car manufacturers, such as Volkswagen, General Motors, Hyundai/Kia and, of course, Tesla, have already started building and investing in battery and electric car factories to keep up with these gas car bans. It takes several years for car makers to build these factories and design new electric cars. Therefore, manufacturers need to already begin these investments. 

Countries with gas car bans
GM Future Electric Cars | Source: GM

Nevertheless, it is widely believed that most car makers would not have made these electric car plans without the pressure of various countries with their gas car bans. Inevitably, it is just a matter of time when EVs become the majority. 

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